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Photograph of ICEBOX prototype
ICEBOX prototype
ICEBOX outside
Use ICEBOX on the go via WiFi
ICEBOX at home
Use ICEBOX at home via Ethernet
ICEBOX page load comparisons
ICEBOX blocked 230 files and saved 2.8MB of data on this page view
ICEBOX design iterations
3D printed design iterations

Internet Security For Everyone

In today's hyper-connected society that is constantly on the move, ICEBOX ensures you can surf the web confidently with a compact and easy-to-use device that can be used with any smartphone, tablet or laptop, anywhere you go.

The internet is no longer the free and democratic space it used to be. Governments are using the internet to gather data in mass surveillance projects as revealed by Edward Snowden. Corporations are tracking every click and search to generate market data to sell to third party advertisers. Stop hackers and unsolicited tracking while using unsecured WiFi hotspots with a multi-function box featuring a range of open source tools to help you take more control of personal data – allowing you to surf the net securely.

Planned Features


ICEBOX is also a platform for educating people on issues of mass surveillance and personal internet security. Through workshops and talks ICEBOX seeks to raise awareness on the risks of using the internet today. ICEBOX empowers people to take more control of how they use the internet by making open source tools accessible and easy-to-use for the everyday user.

ICEBOX is invested in the arts and seeks collaborations with artists to generate and build discussions and movement against mass surveillance We welcome your ideas and support and are open to event suggestions.

Get In Touch

ICEBOX is currently in the prototyping phase where we are seeking partnership and support for the project. For any donations, collaborations, questions and comments, contact us at: